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Fall Protection -
Using the Safety Pole System on the Jobsite

We take great pride in delivering exceptional housing solutions with our off-site construction teams… Your home can be imagined, designed, and its components created in our state-of-the-art facility to precision standards.

But, we couldn’t provide that quality to our customers without our valued on-site construction teams. We prize their safety. It’s our goal to send every member of our crew – whether from our manufacturing facility or a building site – home to their loved ones at the end of every workday. That’s why we’ve undertaken industry-leading training, implementing workplace precautions like fall protection.

For us, it’s very personal.

Fall protection: a must for on-site safety

Every member of the ICG team undergoes extensive safety training, whether they’re working in our manufacturing facility, driving a delivery truck, or working at one of our building sites.

We’ve always followed the guidelines of the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OHSA) and recently invested in a Safety Pole System, designed to safeguard against one of the most prevalent causes of injury and death.

Historically, over one-third of workplace accidents are the result of a fall – from scaffolding, ladders, and roofs. And, sadly, Florida ranks among the highest regions for death and severe, a life-changing injury.

Our off-site construction methods prevent many of those injuries from occurring. Our design-build team works in a temperature-controlled environment free from distractions, on-site hazards, and changes in the weather.

However, when our construction team is assembling a modular home or apartment complex, we want to assure their safety. The “Fall Arrest System” provides a layer of assurance that represents a significant financial investment but is absolutely priceless for the safety of our people.

Core safety training: getting our team home safely at the end of every workday

Every ICG employee attends a five-part core safety training course. Fall protection was the most recent component to be added in 2020.

This in-depth training teaches our employees everything from the ABCs of fall protection, to how to inspect personal fall protection equipment.

The Safety Pole System is used exclusively by ICG in our region and is utilized on every project possible. It allows our employees to attach themselves to a secure anchorage point while working in otherwise unprotected areas above six feet.

The system is installed on each slab before the roof structure is installed, and remains part of the on-site safety protocol until the roof dry-in is complete.

Coupled with training on the proper use of ladders, guardrails, anchor points, and aerial work platforms, the Safety Pole System creates an enhanced layer of security for our employees.

Worksite safety: everyone’s responsibility

As employers, we do everything possible to safeguard the health and safety of our employees. It’s our responsibility.

At the same time, we also strive to train our employees so they understand potential workplace hazards, assess their job site, and report their observations. 

We encourage our team members to carefully inspect their safety apparatus and their work area at the beginning of every shift. We ask that they report to a supervisor when they see issues that could undermine their safety and security – or that of a coworker – during their shift on-site.

This includes wear-and-tear on straps, ropes, and restraints, surfaces that may not be clear of obstructions, gaps or weaknesses in scaffolding or flooring, exposed screws, nails, or other objects that could be a tripping hazard or cause puncture wounds. 

Temporary guardrails must be tested to ensure they’re solid and secure…we never want our on-site staff to test their fall protection by going through a railing or through an unexpected gap in the floorboards on the second story of a home.

By creating an atmosphere of cooperation and open communication, we empower our construction teams to bring their concerns to their site supervisors…ultimately, to us.

Investing in safety pays off

Many of the safeguards we’ve put in place on-site come at a financial price…but we can’t put a price tag on the knowledge that every member of our crew will get home safely at the end of the day.

We take great pride in the quality we provide – from the blueprints we create to the materials we use, the precision cuts we make on the factory floor, to the seamless delivery and assembly on-site.

If our team doesn’t feel safe doing their job, we’ve failed them…and our customers. We want them to enjoy their home with the knowledge that we did everything we could to safeguard our team, from beginning to end.

We’ve adapted our procedures to manage the novel challenge of COVID-19. Our systems were already well-suited for social distancing…for the ICG team, safety isn’t negotiable. 

It’s an ongoing commitment to the employees who help us deliver a high-quality product to home buyers, real estate developers, and contractors.

We will never compromise our commitment to safety…nor will we compromise our commitment to quality and affordability.

Whether you’re a real estate developer, contractor, or a first-time home buyer in Florida, we want to hear from you. Find out how our off-site construction model can deliver exceptional quality, on time, and on budget.

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