The Training Department

Fall Protection

At ICG, safety is our number one priority. For us, employees are our most valuable asset and our commitment to safety allows every employee the ability to go home every night to their families. Safety is only achieved when a culture that promotes working safely is cultivated throughout the entire organization. A key piece to this is ensuring that every employee is trained on how to perform their tasks safely.

ICG is committed to training all employees to perform their tasks safely and efficiently. To create a safety 1st culture, we have launched a training program devoted to teaching all employees how to perform every task safely. The most important part of our safety training program is the ICG fall protection program. We focus on the ways we use Safety Pole Systems and other fall protection gear to prevent falls from occurring.

The latest installment of a five-part core safety training, fall protection was launched Fall 2020. The in-depth training teaches everything from the ABC’s of fall protection, to how to Inspect personal fall protection equipment. The Safety Pole System is used exclusively by ICG in our region and is utilized on every project possible. The Safety Pole System allows employees to attach to a secure anchorage point while working in otherwise unprotected areas at heights above 6’. The Safety Pole System is installed on each slab, prior to the roof structure installation beginning and is utilized until the roof dry-in is complete. In addition to training on how to use the Safety Pole System, the fall protection training also includes ladder safety, guardrails, conventional anchor points and aerial work platforms.

It is important for each employee to know how to protect themselves and others while working at heights. A vital part of the fall protection training is teaching how to inspect the equipment being utilized. The equipment provided is only effective if it is maintained. When there is wear and tear from use then every employee needs to know when it is time to replace the equipment. With this new training, ICG is further developing the safety 1st culture.