Off-Site Construction Services

ICG is a leading off-site solutions provider focused on single and multi-family wood framed construction with capabilities to handle 10+ million square feet annually. ICG’s off-site solution includes design services, wall panels, trusses and on-site installation providing a seamless and fully-integrated shell construction process.

Structural Design

In addition to wall panel and truss design services typical in the industry, ICG also offers structural design services allowing us to value engineer your project and fully coordinate all design components with BIM modeling

Off-Site Structural Design

Off-Site Manufacturing Capabilities

ICG’s state of the art process leverages the best technology in the industry ensuring precision and quality.

Delivery Services

ICG owns and operates its own fleet of delivery trucks, ensuring that all products are delivered on-time and appropriately sequenced.

On-Site Installation

Critical to ICG’s ability to perform and meet our customers expectations, ICG not only has off-site manufacturing capability, but installs every component built in the factory in the field with crews trained in our process.

Field Supervision

ICG’s pledge to exceed industry quality and service standards is substantiated by the commitment to supervise its on-site installation with knowledgeable and professional team members ensuring the project meets all QC and inspection standards.

ICG On-site Supervision
ICG Moisture Management

Moisture Management

ICG’s scope typically includes drainage plane and exterior cladding installation. Rest assured that our staff understands the importance of ensuring moisture is managed at every step of the process.

Your Partner

Our goal is to be a resource to our partners, keeping them abreast of the changing market, products, and opportunities to build better homes and communities. Each customer is assigned an account manager that is available to ensure communication is timely and accurate.

ICG Manufacturing Plant

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