Why Homebuilding Doesn’t Have to be “Quality vs Efficiency”

Do real estate developers have to sacrifice quality for efficiency?

The simple answer is “No.”

For the team at Innovative Construction Group, off-site building is never about “quality vs efficiency”. 

It’s about quality and efficiency.

We’d be happy if everyone could fulfill an American Dream: buying their own home…whether it’s an apartment, a townhouse, or a five-bedroom house. 

It’s one of the biggest motivators for our team.

Our design and build process helps real estate developers and contractors deliver a top-quality product quickly, efficiently…and affordably.

Here’s how.

Step 1: Maximize collaboration, minimize mistakes

Our vertically integrated supply chain and wrap-around design and build services give real estate developers a huge advantage.

We don’t just provide wall panels and trusses – we can value engineer your entire project with our in-house structural design team. We fully coordinate all the components with state-of-the-art BIM modeling.

We have the ability to customize a standard subdivision design to suit climate and customer demands. We also keep current with regional building codes – this eliminates surprises during inspections and saves time getting to lock-up.

Real estate developers and general contractors appreciate having just one phone number to call when they have questions – at any stage of the project from blueprints to build. With our precision manufacturing systems, on-site problems are rare, but if they crop up we have the answers – or know where to find them – to solve those problems, quickly and efficiently.

Step 2: Maximize precision, minimize waste

When looking at the ‘quality vs efficiency’ equation, this is a critical element. We have an opportunity to pass cost savings on to our developers…and in turn, to their customers.

Because we do more with less.

Our 3-D software allows us to create a blueprint that can be tested and modified in the virtual world before a single piece of lumber has been cut, before a single screw or sheet of sheathing has been purchased, in the real world.

And these virtual blueprints come with a real-time eraser. They allow us to take building codes into account and modify sheathing and fasteners for wind sheer…finding efficiencies to maintain structural integrity and design appeal while still cutting costs.

Less waste on the shop floor translates to less waste on-site. So not only are developers saving money at the front end, they’re saving money on dumpster pulls and clean up time on the back end.

That’s good for the wallet…and great for the environment.

Step 3: Maximize consistency, minimize cycle-time

Our wall panels are manufactured in a temperature-controlled environment using consistent methods, resulting in precision joints and frames. 

We know cycle time can grow when the framing doesn’t match the specifications for the plumber, electrician, or drywaller. Our value-engineered homes are designed in 3-D with input from every stakeholder…so tradespeople get almost Lego-like components to assemble, quickly and easily. And other trades can follow knowing what to expect.

General contractors save on labor, too. Skilled tradespeople are at a premium…the quicker they’re in and out, the smaller the bill. And you don’t need journeyman carpenters onsite when the trusses and wall panels have been precut in our facility using laser-controlled equipment and our skilled team.

Now, more than ever, real estate developers need to turn their initial investment into profit. In this bear market, buyers are looking for value above all else in their home-buying habits.

We can help turn your undeveloped land into a marketable, affordable community in a fraction of the time it would take a traditional on-site builder.

Quality vs efficiency: not an either/or equation after all

If you’re not in the building trades it’s hard to understand all the steps along the way that can easily become costly missteps.

Poor quality material, delayed deliveries, poor workmanship on the shop floor, poor decisions on-site… 

Behind the scenes, there are dozens of ways a manufactured home can turn from an economical alternative to a costly venture. Not on our watch, though.

We pay attention to the details so developers don’t have to pay the price. It’s that simple.

If you’d like to learn more about our transformative services, contact us and we’ll get started on your next project.

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