Trusses, on the whole, can be fairly complex structural components and when entering the trenches of educating employees, one can quickly get in over their head with all of the details. To level set general employee understanding of trusses and the nuanced information needed to not only design and build them, but also to both troubleshoot damages and installation variances on-site as well as ensure quality throughout all the before mentioned processes, ICG Training has partnered with subject matter experts (SME’s) throughout the organization to identify basics and common apprehension needs as we look to close knowledge gaps for all current and future employees. 

To train these basics, there are frequent occasions where visual aids come in handy. The training department has been able to utilize the truss design department to procure customized renderings that feature both unique-to-us attributes as well as allow for demonstration of common errors to watch for. The commonly used ICG truss types have been identified and turned into interactive photos wherein the varying components of a truss and even truss engineering files are able to be toggled over for identification and additional information and resources. Terms are visualized and made a bit more tangible and understandable in this way. The compartmentalized nature of the structure of the courses allows for deep-dive groupings of courses to encompass a rounded-out view of information or individualized focus on a handful or even a singular topic within the realm of trusses. 

The Training Department has labored to engage employees with technology to allow for multiple facets from which to access knowledge. eLearning coupled with hands-on training allows for auditory, kinesthetic, and visual experiences to have developed training that will help employees process the material in a multi-faceted approach.