Safety Glasses Training

Safety glasses are an important aspect of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Like other PPE, Safety glasses are used to prevent unforeseen accidents that could happen at any point. ICG requires the continual wearing of safety glasses from curb to curb to protect employees and sub-contractors eyes. The nature of this occupation necessitates this type of protection due to the potential exposures of the eyes to high impact and/or airborne foreign particles. Protective eyewear can prevent serious injury from flying objects. These objects could be anything from sand to a flying nail from a nail gun. While sunglasses may prevent UV protection and sand from getting in an employee’s eye, they will not stop a nail shot from a nail gun. Therefore, there are standards for the type of lenses that can be worn on a job site. The lenses and frames for our industry exposures need to comply with American National Standards Institute (ANSI) Z87.1-1989 and OSHA 1910.133. If safety glasses don’t have the proper rating, then they may be ineffective when hazards are presented.

Safety glasses can also function as sunglasses to protect an employee’s eyes from the sun. ICG provides safety glasses with different tints to aid in better vision based on the working conditions. We provide both standard fit and over-glasses with a clear lens for general use as well as indoor applications. Gray tint, both standard fit, and over-glasses, are to be used in outdoor applications to help with glare. Yellow tint, to improve visibility in dimly lit working areas. Blue tint, to help with an excessive glare that is caused by yellow lights. As well as mirror coating to help with glare in either indoor or outdoor applications. Aside from rules that dictate that shaded lenses are not to be worn inside of structures where work is being performed, it is ultimately up to the employee to decide what they prefer to wear for their everyday use. ICG does allow employees to provide their own safety glasses as long as they are checked by a supervisor that they are indeed (ANSI) Z87.1-1989 rating. In some cases, PPE is the difference between a serious injury or a minor event. This is why it is so important to wear all PPE from curb to curb.