Building the Future of our Workforce

The nature of new jobs inherently lends itself to a lot of unknowns, fears, excitement and curiosities that can easily make the initial onboarding time frame seem daunting. This period of time also holds the crucial role of setting the foundation for the view that an employee has of the company and its culture. It is our goal at ICG to have each new hire feel at ease while they go through the orientation process. In addition to the orientation, there is also a learning curve as each employee learns the specifics of their new job and responsibilities.  

The training department is working on rounding out the onboarding program with tailored elements for every position-specific role to help with the new hire jitters. Along with HR orientation, Safety Orientation, and ICG’s Core Safety Modules; each new hire will go through a program to teach everything from basic duties to the intricacies and nuances of their new positions. There will be a designated allotment where new hires will have time to learn, ask questions, and develop confidence in their roles. The training department is excited to work on developing the new hire experience to be welcoming and help develop each employee’s understanding of their new responsibilities.