The ICG Dictionary

Have you ever heard someone use an industry-specific term and have no idea what they are talking about? Well, now you can look it up in the ICG Dictionary! The training team has one location for terms that are specific to ICG. This is located under Employee Resources on the ICG SharePoint

We know that this is an ever-changing dictionary and will need input from all our employees. This means you too! If you do not see a word, please send it in under the ICG Dictionary Inquiry. Similarly, if you see a term such as “gusset plate” but in your area, it is called “gusset connection” then we want to add that to the dictionary. Please send that in as well under the ICG Dictionary Inquiry. We hope to use this dictionary for new hire training as well as a tool for all ICG employees! Take a look and see if there is a term that is new to you!