Innovating at Work

While some view change as an unknown , some view change as an opportunity to grow. ICG has been known to be a disruption in the construction industry. Part of the positive that comes as a result of this disruption is “an end to a system, process, or practice that is inadequate” as stated in Drive a Culture of Innovation. With the start of a new year, now is the time to look further into what disruption can be positive for your everyday tasks. What is something that would make your job more efficient? Is it something like developing a new standardized process for your department? Or better time management? Here are some aspects of innovation from Drive a Culture of Innovation to get you thinking of areas for improvement. 

Some elements of innovation:


It must be a part of the culture and reflected in the organization’s values. It must be a proactive element of how everyone works.


It should be pervasive, at every level in every discipline.


Incremental improvements should always be a part of how companies evolve, but disruption and innovation aim at giant leaps; radical changes; and whole new products, services, and markets. Revolutionary change is the goal.


Rather than a string of discrete interventions, innovation must be the ongoing way employers conduct business. Constant dissatisfaction with the status quo is built into systems and processes, rewards and recognition, and the criteria for success for the organization and its employees. The focus never ends.

Think in both big and small ways. If you would like to read more about how to develop positive change go to Drive a Culture of Innovation.