Improve Your Focus

Refocusing in the new year can be hard after the holidays. As the article Focus Makes Us Human; Don’t Give It Away points out, focus requires training. While we all would like to think that we are great at multitasking, the truth is that switching from task to task lowers your ability to complete tasks. Focus improves more than just task completion. It can improve far more, such as stress, retention, and achieving goals. 

“Lack of focus also costs us our ability to set and pursue long-term goals. To achieve a goal, we need to eliminate all distractions; otherwise, we risk spreading ourselves thin. Have you ever delayed an important intention, like going to the gym or learning how to play the guitar, because you chose to open Instagram for five minutes, then two hours later you were still scrolling?

Are you training yourself to be more focused in the new year? Besides setting aside your phone, you can schedule time during your day to complete your work without distraction. Do you have a goal to be more present this year?  Read more about the study of being focused by going to Focus Makes Us Human; Don’t Give It Away.