Company culture – Everyone is talking about it. What is it? Is there a value to creating and embracing a positive company culture? How can a company’s culture negatively affect an organization?

What is company culture?

Company culture is the total make up of the environment we work in daily. It’s the behaviors and
expectations of all who work for an organization. It is made up of common values and experiences
within the efforts of the team to accomplish company and personal goals. It is the method in which we
align our experiences at work with the company’s brand and connect with the communities in which
we work. In short – a company’s culture is:

•  how a company treats its employees

•  how employees view the company

•  the company’s mission – both internal and external

•  how decision are made

•  how people connect

•  expectations of both employees and employers

•  a general desire to be a part of and buildup the company you work at

What is the Value of a company’s culture?

The importance of a good company culture has never been more important to a company’s leadership and team than it is today. The value to us at ICG ranges from keeping quality talent (high retainage) to customer perception. Other values (but not limited to) we want our culture to connect with are; attracting quality teammates, setting the tone of the work environment for new teammates, connecting with the communities in which we serve, consistency and quality in our production & processes as well as being the most valued partner in off-site building solutions. These non-monetary values at some point in the business cycle transition to a monetary value and affect a business’s bottom line. How can you accurately assign a value to a positive company culture when the results of a positive company culture are truly priceless is hard to define.

How can a company’s culture negatively affect the business?

Where to begin. Let’s start with turnover. A poor culture is a disease on a company and will lead to high turnover. High turnover has many negative effects on a business. Some results of a negative culture are; the cost of onboarding new employees.  An overall negative work environment.  The impact on production and work life balance of your people. Inconsistency and lack of quality of goods and services and last but not least is the reputation of the company. Once the community knows the work life in an organization is hostile the cost to acquire & train new talent increases as well. Talent will want a higher wage for their time in order to deal with a poor culture as a means to justify the worklife they have signed on for.  Eventually they will leave & we perpetuate a very vicious talent acquisition cycle.

Next, one needs to think about how a negative culture impacts the customers’ business.  Inconsistency in employee too client relationships can cause confusion and a disconnect between the two organizations.  As noted before turnover leads to inconsistent quality of goods and service.  A negative culture can bleed into anothe company and cause ill effects beyond a singular organization and last but not least misaligned goals, all of which will cause the vendor client relationship to fall apart.   At the end of the day a negative culture will affect your people and their actions will affect the value of the company to the client.  Are we sensing a theme around PEOPLE!

How does ICG view our company culture?

We believe our culture is one of the best in our industry, and it sets us apart from our competitors. At ICG and Pulte, company culture is far more than simply what takes place in the daily happenings of the business. Culture is driven from both the top down and from the bottom up. We, as a team under the Pulte Group, want to make sure that our company cultures excites, energizes, and involves our people in all aspects of the business. We want our teams to know that they are the culture, and can both positively and negatively affect our co-workers, the company’s health, our clients and the communities in which we serve.

At ICG we have begun in the past several years to hold special events such as a pop-up ice cream parties, quarterly town halls, end of year celebrations, and many other opportunities to bring our people together. These events are designed to allow our team to share time together outside of our normal daily work life. To get to know each other a bit better, to share some time, to break bread, and build our ICG community. As part of the focus on a positive and inviting Culture we now offer 16 hours of paid volunteer hours (VTO) that they can use to do good in the community. These hours can be used at a charitable organization of your choosing, or a company sponsored event.

In 2023 Pulte and ICG nationwide partnered with the Boys and Girls clubs of America. Here in NE Florida, we are supporting alongside our sister company, Pulte of NE Fl, the Southwind Villas Boys and Girls Club. Over the course of the past month, we have been collecting school supplies for the children of the Southwind Villas B&GC. On Friday July 28 th both ICG and Pulte of NE Fl stuffed all of the supplies we gathered through donations into brand-new book bags so that the boys and girls of the Southwind Villas B&GC can kick off their 2023 – 2024 school year with all the supplies they need to be successful.

I am proud to announce we collected nearly 200 book bags stuffed to the brim with everything from glue sticks to binders and everything in between. 

On Thursday July 3rd we will deliver all of the stuffed book bags to the Southwind Villas B&G club.  We will have an ice cream truck as well to cool us all off and allow us to spend a bit of time with the parents and children that are a part of the Southwind Villas B&GC. This is an example of how ICG and Pulte are connecting and giving back to the community that we live in and is so valuable to us both as companies and individuals. Way to Go TEAM PULTE and ICG!