From the Desk of Ryan Melin

Perseverance Through the Pandemic

Our industry continues to be an economic bright spot. While hard to believe, the first two months of 2021 have produced an even more robust new home sales pace than 2020. The continued increase in demand coupled with the challenges of operating in a COVID environment have created the most difficult operating environment I have ever experienced. Both ICG and our industry alike have persevered through many challenges in the past and I remain confident we will rise to the challenge again. As we tackle these new challenges together let’s not lose sight of the critical ingredient we all rely on – our people. We are all asking a lot of our teams today and frustration levels are at an all-time high– it is our duty, together, to make certain we do not allow the pressures and aggravations of the demand environment to drive good people away. 

Supply Challenges

We are all aware of the continued supply issues hampering our industry. In the face of unrelenting consumer demand, sold not started backlogs continue to grow. This coupled with the pending spring thaw in the north greatly diminishes the likelihood we will see any stabilization of lumber pricing in Q2. We should all expect a tough ride to the balance of the year. That said there are some signs of relief, with several reopening announcements of dimension lumber mills and OSB mills in Q3 and Q4. This will increase supply, whether it stabilizes pricing or not will be determined by demand.

Meeting the Demand – We are Hiring!

Today we are producing more components than at any point in our existence in the Green Cove Springs Factory (GCS) and we have additional capacity that can be utilized – all we need are the people. ICG is committed to our market and providing great opportunities for those individuals looking to start a great career. As many of you are aware, we held a hiring event on Tuesday, February 16th in our GCS location and are using radio ads, Linked In, NEFBA, and Facebook to recruit. We are even working with local Green Cove churches and schools to promote our ability to employ people today. However, the best employees come from referrals – we greatly appreciate all of you that supported our hiring event. Please continue to help us find great candidates to fill our open positions. Wins like these are wins for us all!

Ryan Melin
President, Innovative Construction Group