Training Programs: Innovating Education

The training department has been creating ICG specific content for the past 2 years. With each new module comes different challenges and ways of teaching new material. To begin every module, there is first an outline developed that details each element of the training program. This includes videos, quizzes, and interactive photos. Although the outline is detailed, there is always room to add more information. One common occurrence in the training department is the addition of smaller, more detailed topics to cover to convey the information needed to learn the overarching topic. An example of this is when developing the fall protection module there was a realized addition of ladder duty types that needed to be added to the ladder safety video. The goal of each model is to begin training starting at the most basic of levels. Not only will this assist in training employees that are new to the industry, but it also creates a consistent understanding for every employee who may already have experience but may need a refresher or to learn the particulars of our company’s goals and expectations. 

Once the outline has been established, the team gets to work on a script for each video. This entails research and edits overtime to ensure that it is easy to understand and also encompasses every detail of that training. It is only after the script rough draft is written that any content is collected. This could be anything from a photo taken to help with understanding or a video tutorial detailing each step. 

See behind-the-scenes photos of how we created our nail gun anatomy series, nail gun use and operation, and nail gun maintenance video. The full program of courses on nail gun safety now encompasses training for every nail gun used at ICG. The tape seen in the picture outlined where the edge of the frame was so the person showing how to load, unload and examine each specific nail gun had a point of reference for staying in frame. 

Next in the process is combining a script and visual content into a video using video editing software. This may take a few rounds of edits to both the script and content alike. It is during this phase of watching the training that there are often additional topics that are added to videos to further clarify or explain. Finally, once the video has been scrutinized, then and only then is it placed into a module with quizzes and other topical training aids. Once in a topical program on our Learning Management Software (LMS), each module is again reviewed as a whole. It is during this phase that the training is then translated into all other languages spoken at ICG. With all content approved, it is assigned to the relevant employees for training.