Tie-down Installers Have An Important And Rewarding Job

When you take possession of your new home you’ll appreciate the aesthetics of the interior and exterior…

But do you give much thought to what’s under the roofing, or behind the drywall and siding?

These are aspects of your new home that you probably take for granted.

At ICG, we take care of the details you’ll never see so that your home – and your family – are safe and sound.

We couldn’t do that without our team of experienced tie-down installers…

Every member of our team, both off-site and on-site, undergoes rigorous training, and our installers are no exception.

What is a tie-down installer?

With our off-site construction methods, your home’s entire outer structure is pre-fabricated in our manufacturing facility. This system saves time and money, and results in superior framing – from trusses to walls components.

The precision of the methods we employ in our temperature-controlled, state-of-the-art facility makes installation on-site efficient and seamless…

Once the components have been delivered on-site and our framers have completed the installation, the tie-down installers go to work…

It’s their job to install all the hardware below the trusses, including:

  • Truss screws and clips
  • Hold-downs
  • Plate anchors
  • Interior and exterior straps

This is a vital aspect of home construction, particularly in neighborhoods subject to extreme wind and weather events.

What’s so crucial about tie-downs?

They secure connections between the roof and walls and between the walls and foundation. 

These hold-downs provide resistance to uplift and lateral forces – wind shear – that could damage the structure or, worse yet, destroy it in a storm.

Extreme weather events are a way of life in Florida…especially on the coast. Having the right builder, who understands every region, the differences in building codes and conditions, is a wise and safe choice.

Every home built in Florida after 2001 is required to have hurricane tie-downs…but there’s a science to choosing and installing them correctly. That’s where our trained team can make the difference.

ICG’s team can make the difference

There are many types of ties, and opting for one over the other is determined by the connection types and load ratings.

Every piece of hardware is installed based on the structural plans to ensure resistance to uplift, overturn, and sliding forces.

If you’ve chosen our structural design team, you can be confident that they’ve made the right choices…they’re using 3D BIM modeling that adapts to different regions, building codes, and weather forces.

Reading structural plans accurately is a necessary skill for tie-down installers. They have to identify and understand details like call-outs and designations…and pay close attention to the type and number of fasteners required.

Our installers learn about and use innovative technology applications to install tie-down hardware efficiently and safely. Innovations such as,

They’re proficient in using both the Simpson and USP load tables – showing each model number, fastener type, and allowable loads.

This knowledge aids our tie-down installers in making informed decisions and understanding the wide variety of applications, purposes, load force directions, even proper fastener selection. Knowing how to read load tables means they can safely substitute hardware when it’s required on-site.

Their job is crucial to the timing of the entire project – for the tradespeople who can’t commence with their part of the project until an inspection has been completed. Failure to comply with local building codes can cause delays and a cascade effect that can cost time and money.

Taking pride in education and precision

We don’t consider any job at ICG Builds to be interchangeable or unimportant. Every member of our team has a vital role in the design, build, and assembly of our homes.

We prioritize training and ongoing education to create a safe, efficient, and effective team. We want our employees to understand the value of their contribution, responsibilities, and company goals.

The result is an affordable, high-quality home delivered on time and within budget.

Would you like to learn more about career opportunities with us? Or explore our off-site construction process for your next build? Contact us.

Tie-Down Installation