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Superintendent Training for Quality, Consistency & Safety

We take training seriously.

We’ve built a team of professionals, and they all brought experience and industry knowledge to ICG Builds. It’s our job to ensure they know our company – its values, priorities, procedures.

When everyone understands their role, we’re able to deliver an affordable, quality home.

Superintendent training, in particular, is critical to the success of our projects on-site.

That’s why our in-house training program is so thorough…we’re committed to providing education to our new and current employees that improves our performance from beginning to end.

Managing the moving parts on a construction site

A superintendent’s job has a lot of moving parts…

At any given time, they’ll be overseeing multiple homes at different stages of completion – and they’re expected to fulfill a wide variety of roles.

  • Planning, scheduling, directing, and controlling multiple building sites according to schedule, specifications, and budget
  • Preparing progress reports for both internal use and our clients
  • Supervising the activities of both our staff and subcontractors 
  • Conducting employee orientations and safety meetings

Our superintendents have to understand every aspect of the building site…and manage the people who are on it. They have to be able to shift gears from site to site while keeping our standards consistent.

As the bridge between our customers and our employees, they also have to be able to communicate with our clients.

It’s a challenging role, but comprehensive training sets our team up for success.

Superintendent training that exceeds industry standards

Our superintendents are trained to excel in three core areas.

  1. Construction

Superintendents are trained on every aspect of the building process, from basic construction to the timing of each phase of a project. 

Each of them has the responsibility for reviewing every home they’re assigned. In fact, one home will likely be reviewed several times throughout the building process. 

The goal? To catch any issues before they become a problem. Our off-site building methods provide a level of accuracy that minimizes on-site surprises…but we still need to be prepared for them.

We train them to understand when in the building process to look for each detail. This requires that they know how to read our engineered plans with accuracy and understanding.

Those plans will have every minute detail to check, right down to the types of fasteners and exactly where they go.

Every truss and wall panel has left our manufacturing facility with precision joints designed to fit together quickly and seamlessly on-site. 

It’s our superintendent’s job to make sure that accuracy is maintained when your home is built. 

  1. Employee Management

We can’t deliver a quality product on-site without a quality team on-site.

So, part of our superintendent training encompasses employee management.

They’re responsible for ensuring all of our employees are wearing our ICG-provided Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), and are following our company’s strict safety standards.

We place a high premium on getting our staff home safely to their families at the end of each day…we count on our superintendents to address hazards on-site and notify us of recurring issues that might put a member of our team in danger.

These include respiratory or falling hazards, issues with electricity, or equipment malfunction.

We hold our staff accountable for their safety on-site, but only after we’ve trained them thoroughly, equipped them with the best tools possible…and have well-trained supervisors to help ensure that accountability. 

  1. Client Communication

We have confidence in our product and trust in our on-site team to deliver that product with speed, accuracy, and efficiency.

But our clients still want progress reports, and during site visits, they might see opportunities for changes to their home. 

Our state-of-the-art BIM modelling gives them an immersive, 3-D experience during the design phase…

…but walking through the footprint virtually is still a different experience from actually walking through your home.

It’s our superintendent’s job to act as the bridge between the client – whether it’s a real estate developer or homeowner – and the rest of our team.

So we provide them with the skills necessary to gather information, ask questions, solve problems, and communicate the solutions in a way that reassures our clients.

Our pursuit of excellence begins with training

It’s important to hire the right people for the job. But if you don’t provide them with the training they need to deliver a product to your standards, their experience will only take your company so far.

We’ve invested in the most innovative building solutions – from BIM design to our temperature-controlled manufacturing facility, equipped with laser-guided technology.

We’ve also invested time…

Our training programs ensure that every single member of our team understands our commitment to safety, efficiency, and innovation. Our superintendent training program is a crucial aspect of our success as we strive to build quality, affordable homes.

If you’d like to learn more about our services and explore options, whether it’s a single-family home or a new subdivision.

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