The Training Department


The job of a Superintendent has many moving parts. At any given time, a superintendent may be overseeing several homes, in various phases of the building process. This is why training of new and current superintendents is so important. Superintendents are the bridge of communication between our customers and employees. ICG’s training program covers how to best communicate with all stakeholders, ICG safety standards to enforce, and additional training for the areas of the building process they directly oversee.

Superintendents are trained on everything from the basics of building a home to the timing of each phase. While focusing on the basics may sound simple, it is anything but. Every superintendent has the responsibility of reviewing each home they are assigned. One home will be reviewed several times throughout the building process. One of the main reasons for this is to catch any issues before they become a problem. There are a lot of details that each superintendent needs to be trained on. They will also be trained on when in the building process to look for each detail. They will need to know how to read each home to its specific engineered plans. The plans will have every detail to check, down to the types of fasteners, and the placements for each.

Another vital aspect of the superintendent is the management of employees. They are responsible for checking that all employees are using the ICG provided PPE and following the safety standards. Superintendents are trained on the ICG Safety Standards in order to keep others accountable. They deliver any PPE and safety equipment that may be damaged or missing from the teams they oversee.

The role of a Superintendent encompasses the building process. With this training, we hope to create a program that produces efficient Superintendents. In addition, this will ensure a more cohesive standard for the home building process. Without them, there would be a breakdown in communication between our customers and employees.