Software Training & Updates

While new technology is great, there is also frustration on having to learn a new way to do tasks. To help ease the transition to new software, the Training Department is working on a program to teach current and new superintendents in both commercial and residential roles alike. This new software is taking the place of older software that is used every day by our superintendents. This change is in direct correlation to a shift from one operating system to another that ICG’s field users underwent earlier this year and that will be finalized this quarter.  The new software is essential for our superintendents to do their job, which makes it all the more important to train them how to use it effectively.  

With the rise of the Covid-19 cases in addition to the flexibility of users being able to access content on their own schedule, the training department is relying on our LMS (Learning Management System) to handle the overview of this new software. After going through the LMS courses the superintendents will then go through a live course to answer any specific issues that they are experiencing. None of this could have been achieved without the assistance of IT. IT takes the time to find the perfect solution for the everyday needs of our superintendents and also installs the new software on every superintendent’s tablet.