How to Write S.M.A.R.T. Goals

As we progress into 2023 it is important to set goals for career growth throughout the year. Goals help you know what to work towards but also see just how much growth you have accomplished each year. Goals can also help open communication and expectations between you and your manager. When writing goals, they should follow the SMART goal steps.

SMART stands for:

  1. Make your goal specific.
  2. Make your goal measurable.
  3. Make your goal achievable.
  4. Make sure it is relevant.
  5. Create a time-bound schedule.
Smart Goals

Creating a SMART goal increases the likelihood that your goals will have follow through and success. Without the use of SMART goals, there is potential for a goal to either be unattainable or have no measurement to know when the goal has been achieved. Talk to your manager about how you can incorporate SMART goals into your 2023 goals. 

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