What is Off-Site Construction

The Increasing Appeal and Value of Off-Site Construction

Sometimes referred to as prefabrication construction, off-site construction is enjoying growing acceptance across the U.S. Its benefits include reliable cost control, waste reduction and improved safety while getting to positive ROI faster.
Off-site is especially suitable for multifamily construction including senior and student housing. Increasingly, hospitality and single-family developers are also taking advantage of this innovative, cost-effective approach to new construction.

floor-trussesWhat Defines Construction “Off-Site”?

You may have heard of various types of “prefab” home construction, such as modular, turnkey and manufactured housing. All of these methodologies construct components at one location for assembly or installation at a different location.

Comparing to Modular or Turnkey Methods

In the case of modular, turnkey and manufactured buildings, the components are typically large units, up to entire buildings, and to one degree or another in a finished state. However, off-site or prefab construction refers to the process of producing custom-designed, to-spec structure sections, such as sheathed wall panels, trusses or floor frames that are assembled on the final site.

Building Off-Site Is More Than Just Pre-Fab

Another critical distinction of component construction off-site is that it encompasses an end-to-end process. It starts with careful planning, design and engineering reviews, automated fabrication, transportation and on-site assembly supervision. The time spent in optimizing requirements up-front is more than returned at the time of assembly.

Why Off-Site Building Methods Are Increasing in Popularity

The demand for off-site multifamily construction is fueled by several factors including the shortage of skilled framing labor, tighter schedules and higher expectations from builders and homeowners with respect to construction quality and energy efficiency. Additionally, builders love how the use of off-site built components get them to a weatherproof structure in record time.

Five Big Benefits of Off-Site Construction

Simplified Planning

Builders taking advantage of off-site building methodologies spend far less time planning and organizing the framing phase of their projects. The best off-site companies provide not only fabrication but also transportation and assistance with installation, which avoids additional complications for you.

Shorter, Predictable Schedules

With a crane and a smaller crew, a home or multi-family building can be framed in as little as several hours up to weeks instead of the months needed for conventional on-site framing. Neither will your schedule be up for grabs if there is a shortage of skilled framers.

Less Materials Waste

During the planning stages, a competent off-site manufacturer reviews design and engineering data using specialized analysis software. This process often suggests minor changes that reduce waste and the overall amount of materials and labor required for the framing stage.

ICG Innovative Machinery for Off-site ConstructionSuperior Build Quality

Wall panels, floors and trusses are constructed under climate-controlled conditions. Your framing stage avoids bad weather that may cause warping and cracking common to stick construction. Furthermore, you are assured that all components are cut and fit to precise dimensions while adhering to all state, local and environmental requirements.

Increased On-Site Safety

Because your crew will be working fewer hours on the site and spending far less time handling deliveries or climbing up and down scaffolds, ladders or trusses, there are fewer chances for accidents.

Boosting Your Construction Project’s Bottom Line

Naturally, all the benefits above also mean a big boost to any project’s bottom line, time to market and ultimately the project’s ROI while reducing risks. The payoff for using off-site construction is especially high for schedule-restricted projects or those with a high degree of unit repetition, such as found in multifamily construction.
Realizing off-site building’s maximum benefits requires an experienced company, such as Innovative Construction Group, that offers a comprehensive suite of design, development, fabrication, delivery, assembly and safety services. ICG also highly values close collaboration with a project’s architects, engineers, builders, developers, suppliers, transporters and assembly crews to ensure the job is done right from the start.
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