What is Off-Site Construction?

It’s far more than delivering cookie-cutter modular homes to a building site.

Homebuyers are learning what real estate developers have known for years…

Off-site construction is an efficient and affordable alternative to traditional on-site construction…particularly during these challenging times.

floor-trussesOff-Site Construction: Not ‘One-Size-Fits-All

It’s a common misunderstanding that off-site construction involves picking one home design and mass-producing it for speed and convenience, with limited ‘curb appeal’.

However, the image of monotonous, poor-quality prefabricated housing that comes off an assembly line has been replaced…

The new reality is that developers and project managers can offer unique, high-quality custom homes that suit a home buyer’s taste – and budget.

So, why is off-site construction such a good alternative to traditional on-site building?

5 Benefits of Off-Site Construction that Give It the Edge in Today’s Market

Whether you’re overseeing the development of a multifamily home, subdivision or apartment complex, off-site construction can give you an edge.

Here’s why…

1. Simplified planning.

Off-site construction comes with a real-time eraser. Your homes or apartment buildings have been engineered in 3D before a single piece of lumber has been purchased.

Our team can imagine – and reimagine – the plans for a single home or an entire subdivision, allowing your contractor or clients to add personal touches to a home…while still following local and state building codes.

And because of our vertical integration, we have control of the supply chain from the mill to the shop floor to the home site. 

Once you’ve given us the specifications for your home or apartment design, we navigate the steps it takes to build and deliver components that your on-site team will assemble seamlessly…with no surprises. 

2. Shorter cycle-time.

The care and attention to detail on our shop floor means a faster turnaround once the components of your housing development are delivered on-site. If you’re trying to realize a return on your real estate investment, this can make a big difference.

With a crane and a small crew, a home or multi-family building can be framed and ready for finishing trades in hours instead of weeks.

Our precision manufacturing off-site results in precision joints on-site. No surprises for your electrician or finishing carpenters…

Fewer surprises…fewer expenses that cut into your bottom line. 

3. Less waste.

Homebuyers want affordability, but not at the expense of the environment. 

Off-site construction allows designers to create blueprints that maximize every piece of lumber, every screw, every piece of sheathing…

Dumpster pulls can add up on a building site – not to mention the time it takes your on-site crew to sort and dispose of it.

Off-site construction minimizes waste.

4. Superior quality

ICG Innovative Machinery for Off-site Construction

Wall panels, floors, and trusses are constructed under climate-controlled conditions

That means your framing stage is protected from the warping and cracking that can happen in bad weather. 

And since our team can adapt the blueprints using 3D modeling before the housing project is sent to the shop floor, they can adjust to accommodate local, state, and environmental regulations.

5. Superior safety

Off-site construction minimizes exposure to worksite accidents. 

Your crew will spend less time handling deliveries, climbing up and down scaffolds, ladders, or trusses. 

Our team places a high value on workplace safety. We want everyone to go home at the end of the day…

Off-site construction is a known great alternative for temporary housing, but it’s become an even better alternative for homebuyers who want affordability without sacrificing quality. 

Our state-of-the-art 3D modeling and manufacturing result in a quality product that allows developers to offer a great product, on time, and on budget.

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