Our Nail Gun Training Program Ensures Safety For Our Team

Nail guns are an essential tool on any construction site.

They’re also a common cause of injury on the job, which is why it’s so important for employees to know how to handle them safely…

As part of our ongoing training programs, ICG Builds offers Nail Gun Training that adheres to the Occupational Safety and Health guidelines and our high standards for employee safety.

This training is provided for all of our employees – new hires and veteran tradespeople who’ve been on our team for years.

Our off-site manufacturing process minimizes many of the hazards experienced on-site. But we still remain dedicated to teaching exceptional safety standards at our off-site manufacturing facility and for our on-site crews.

Why is nail gun training important?

Nail guns are powerful tools that boost productivity on a construction site. They have the capacity to launch a 3-inch nail at over 100 mph…

And according to The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), nail guns are also “responsible for an estimated 37,000 emergency room visits each year – 68% of these involve workers and 32% involve consumers.”

Some of the more severe accidents have led to worker deaths. These accidents don’t just happen to the operator – they also happen to bystanders.

What are the risk factors involved in these preventable accidents?

  1. Unintended nail discharge from double fire
  2. Unintended nail discharge from knocking the safety contact with the trigger squeezed.
  3. Nail penetration through a lumber workpiece
  4. Nail ricochet after striking a hard surface or metal feature
  5. Missing the workpiece
  6. Awkward position nailing
  7. Bypassing safety mechanisms

We consider our employees family. And we want them to get home to their loved ones at the end of each workday… we must provide the training to ensure they do.

What will you learn in the Nail Gun Training program?

Our safety program starts with the basics – a review of the types of nail guns we use on our sites and what each one is used for while building a home or condo.

We review the difference between bump or contact, firing, and sequential firing and the benefits of using one or the other depending on the specific task.

For example, bump firing is faster but less precise than sequential firing, so it’s well-suited for roofs, flooring, or decking. It’s also responsible for twice as many workplace mishaps as the sequential firing nail gun…

Sequential firing isn’t as quick as bump firing, but for framing and carpentry, it’s ideal. And, there’s less room for error, so there are fewer potential safety hazards.

Employees then learn,

  • How to properly load each type of nail gun
  • How to maintain them
  • Basic safety precautions

We also teach employees how a nail gun can be misused or mishandled and what the consequences of those actions can mean for their safety – and the safety of their workmates on-site.

Employees also learn how to conduct themselves around someone operating a nail gun to minimize safety hazards.

More than just safety training

Our employees get a thorough review of OSHA safety measures that includes the additional “ICG Builds” standards we set for our entire team. 

But we also take time to educate them on other aspects of nail gun operation.

Knowing how to select the right nail gun is a good start, but using the correct type of fastener is just as important. This is especially true where wind shear is a factor – and for large parts of Florida, it’s a serious consideration.

They’ll also learn how to plan for quantities based on the tool and the task – so progress on a roof won’t be slowed down because a team member underestimated how many nails they’d need for that stage of the project. 

If every team member has a solid grounding in safety and the operation of nail guns – one of the most important tools in our trade – they’ll function quickly and efficiently, with confidence.

We pride ourselves on building a high-quality home or condo quickly…and safely. We can only accomplish that when our employees have the knowledge to operate as part of a well-coordinated, well-educated team.

Would you like to learn more about career opportunities, our training programs, or our innovative off-site construction process? Contact us, and we’ll share our vision.

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