Ladder Safety: Leading with Innovation

ICG’s learning objectives surrounding ladder safety include ladder type and duty identification, a proper ladder set up, general ladder safety, as well as the proper construction of job-built ladders for our multi-family and commercial projects.

Allowable ladder duty types on our job sites are Type 1, Type 1A, and Type AA. These duty ratings apply to both extension ladders as well as a-frame ladders and are ultimately communicating the weight capacity of the ladder. This weight capacity includes not only the user’s body weight but also the weight of their clothing and any tools or equipment that they’ll be holding while using the ladder. We also promote the use of Louisville Cross Step ladders in lieu of traditional A-frame ladders since they can be leaned in the closed and latched position, per design by the manufacturer. This is a great innovation that allows for reduced safety infractions in the area of ladder safety but still allows for use of the tool in a way that is convenient for users.

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