This housing market and material supply shortages continue to astonish us daily.  In all of our years, even through the housing boom in the mid-2000s, this industry has not seen a cause and effect as the COVID-19 pandemic has forced upon our industry.  With so many factors pushing and pulling the construction industry in different directions, every day our crystal ball has never been so unclear yet so bright!  ICG is proud to be a part of the construction industry, which has been a shining light on our national economy. Jacksonville and all the areas we service have been able to flourish. There is a high level of pride that comes with driving down the street and being able to see all the homes and complexes that we have helped our clients build.

There has been a cloud of negativity around the uptick in unattainable growth in housing starts: long lead times from suppliers, shortages of raw materials, freight delays, and unrelenting increases in material cost. However, it amazes us to see the partnerships we have with our clients and the combined willingness to do what needs to be done in this uncertain time to make all of these dreams come true as best as we all can.  Our goal is to look back and see this time in our industry and business as a positive and worthy time! To do so, we feel that we all need to think and explore new ideas that maximize our business efforts. Yet, at the same time, we must show restraint with regard to what is achievable. All the while thinking of the future, not just the sale and build for today.  Lessons we all learned from the 2000’s need to be considered today more than ever. Nevermore than now, the future is so bright and yet uncertain. We at ICG feel that if we all choose to make the right decisions about how to handle this unparalleled time in our industry, then we can and will come out of this period smoothly and better than when we all went into it in March of 2020.


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