Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is essential to any job site to protect employees from hazards. At ICG we require hard hats, safety glasses, and work boots to be worn from curb to curb. This means that as soon as an employee walks over the curb of a job site, they must have a hardhat, safety glasses, and work boots to be on. Each aspect of ICG’s required PPE is important when on a job site. It is equally as important to wear PPE if you are a seasoned employee or new to the construction world. Starting from head to toe, a hard hat is the top defense against any potential head injuries. 

When it comes to PPE there are a lot of excuses why people don’t want to wear them. Either it’s too hot, uncomfortable, or the all too often excuse, “ I have never been hurt before”. At ICG, safety comes first and there is no excuse for not wearing PPE from curb to curb. On an active job site, there are often overhead hazards. Most overhead hazards can not be foreseen, such as a falling object. This is why it is important to wear a hard at all times when on a job site, it is not something that you can plan for. This is also the time to learn that “heads up”  really means keep your head down. The best way to prevent head injuries when wearing a hard hat is to let the hardhat take the force if it can’t be avoided. There are also instances where a hard hat will prevent bumping your head into any fixed object. Everyone can have a moment of not paying attention, or not seeing an object like wall supports or any fixed object. All it takes is a moment for something to go horribly wrong. This is why every employee at ICG is provided a hard hat and must wear them in areas that require them. 

Hard hats must be worn properly and be in good condition to be effective in protecting an employee from a head injury. This includes not wearing a hat under a hard hat. While it may be tempting to block the sun, any hat under a hard hat will interfere with the hard hat’s suspension. Just like all PPE, the hard hat will wear down over time and needs to be inspected. If a hard hat has any cracks or damage then it needs to be replaced. Regardless of the physical appearance, they need to be replaced after 5 years of use. It is recommended to replace the suspension every year. Although you may want to individualize your hard hat with a sticker, it is not allowed. For the simple reason that chemicals found in paint or sticker adhesives can damage the shell. Stickers also cover the hard hat and make it hard to see if there are any cracks or damage that could be underneath the sticker. At ICG, safety does come first, starting from the top down.