Fork Over the Turkey?! (Forklifts!)

The operation of forklifts is a necessity at every ICG location including manufacturing, warehouse, and field operations. Our use of powered industrial trucks runs the gamut from a straight mast, sit down forklifts to truck mounted Moffetts and Combilifts, and telehandler rough terrain lulls. To ensure we are educating our operators on all the machines they may be exposed to, we provide extensive Powered Industrial Truck certification training to all employees whose job function may require them to operate one or more of these machines. Our contracted trainer utilizes Coaching Systems® Coaching the® Lift Truck Operator™ curriculum.

While this comprehensive training is offered to employees who have been identified as needing it, we also train all employees internally on forklift safety basics that include: universal guidelines surrounding these machines, like inspecting before use, seatbelt and fall restraint measures, as well as horns and hand signals as well as general forklift anatomy. This awareness training helps all employees be able to advocate for safety when they see something that may not be functioning correctly and for them to be aware of how to safely maneuver and conduct themselves around these machines in the pedestrian or bystander capacity.