Team-Building Event Plus a Cold Treat

At ICG we are proud to have employees who care! Not only about their contribution to ICG but also to one another! To celebrate the culture of ICG we invited all employees to participate in a team-building activity followed by a cold treat on a hot day.

In our Jacksonville location, the team-building event was a nail-biter! We asked our Jacksonville teams to use a block of wood with a nail set in the center and 11 additional nails. The goal was to balance all 11 nails on the center set nail. Several teams had participated in this event elsewhere in the past and nailed it down in about 20 seconds! Everyone had a good laugh and got to spend some time with those they do not typically work with on a daily basis so the goals of the day were nailed!

In both our Florence and Green Cove plants, we challenged our teams to build towers using a preset amount of marshmallows and spaghetti noodles. The tallest tower was the winner and the teams had a blast working together and coming up with creative ways to win!

Our Charleston team played a great game of Family Feud and got to know a bit more about the company and its history.

We are all a bit competitive and it was a great day to be together, share some laughs, and have a cold treat! ICG and our Culture and Engagement team want to thank all of our employees for their dedication and hard work. These past two years have been tough and it is only because of our team that we have had the successes we have had. We want to let everyone know just how important each of you are to our company, to our clients, and the combined goals. We aim to provide our customers the best service and experience possible, to build better faster, and smarter. Our goal is to make ICG more than a paycheck, but a career we all can be proud of!

Thank you to everyone who was a part of making this event so successful!

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