The ADDIE Model: ICG’s Training Development Approach

In developing training materials, tools are required to help facilitate the transfer of knowledge. This knowledge is passed from a subject matter expert (SME) to the training developers. At ICG, this involves department leads and other seasoned employees working directly with the ICG Training Department. One tool used in these knowledge transfer and training creation efforts is the ADDIE model. The ADDIE model uses five phases to identify and gather information needed for development and execution of each training. Each respective letter of the ADDIE acronym stands for analysis, design, development, implementation, and evaluation. As the training department expands into new training areas, it is important for each SME to know how ADDIE is being used to track the process of the phases of training. While it may seem as though training deliverable production is straight forward, and on first thought seemingly quick, an understanding of the ADDIE process demonstrates the need for appropriate lead time and the importance of stakeholder participation needed to develop effective training and to produce deliverables that are valuable and impactful.

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